A Message From Chef

Andō is the realisation of my journey as a Chef unifying the flavours I grew up with and the flavours I had learned and experienced very far from home in Asia. At Andō we offer innovative cuisine that defies labels and genres, in a form of a tasting menu that expresses my unorthodox approach onto the plate and memories hoping to connect with each one of you.

Our Philosophy is to observe, listen and learn from Nature. We appreciate that each ingredient requires time to grow and mature and we understand that we must wait before harvesting its beauty.

Our menu is deeply influenced by seasonality, market availability and responsibility.

We believe that Andō is a bridge between Nature and guests and that our role is to bring its wonder to your table while respecting its process.

We consider the act of dining as an expression of trust, a moment to indulge and truly enjoy ourselves.

We invite you to leave it in our hands and just enjoy your moment with us.

Agustin Balbi